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Head, Neck & Shoulder massage (HNS)

Discover all the benefits of Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage (HNS) tension release, physical and mental relaxation

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Head, Neck & Shoulder massage (HNS)

The Head, Neck & Shoulder massage (HNS) is designed to release tension in the upper body with gentle, targeted strokes on tense areas !

With the Head, Neck & Shoulder massage, the muscles and joints involved in maintaining the head carriage are relaxed by gentle, deep kneading. The relaxation effect is immediate and intense, both physically and mentally.

After a Head, Neck & Shoulder massage, you will feel relaxed, rested and serene.

The benefits of Head, Neck & Shoulder massage (HNS)

The Head, Neck and Shoulder massage releases the tensions accumulated in your body, thanks to targeted and deep gestures.

The practice of the Head, Neck & Shoulder massage brings the following benefits:

  • intense relaxation
  • improved sleep
  • mental and physical balance
  • reduction of stress
  • reduction of migraines and headaches