Relax your body and mind

Discover all the benefits of Essential Oils Thai Massage… relaxation, better sleep, muscle balance…

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Essential Oils Massage

The Essential Oils Massage is a relaxing massage, very soft, in order to take advantage of the purifying and nourishing virtues of essential oils. The Essential Oils Massage is particularly indicated for :
  • reduce stress
  • relax the muscular system
  • improve blood flow
The practice of the Essentials Oils Massage is done with fluid movements designed to relieve tension, relieve the back and ensure better sleep.

Essential Oils Massage provides the following benefits :

  • Relieve tension and relaxes the whole body
    Soothe the body and mind (anxiety…)
  • Restore energy and tone
  • Help to regulate sleep
  • Stimulate lymphatic circulation
  • Soften the entire body
  • Energetically re-harmonise the major functions of the body
  • Relieve stress-related pain and provide deep relaxation
  • Treat more than 50 diseases (from headaches to tennis elbow…).